Image by david roessli
I want to install the latest beta of IE 7, but dont want to mess up the setup of my XP box. So I decided to create a new virtual server running XP. Here, I’m finishing the install from home, sitting on my couch watching CSI Las Vegas, connected to my PC box at work via Remote Desktop running on my server behind my firewall to which I connect by Apple Remote Desktop via VPN – woaw.

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  1. Steve Ganz says:

    Malkovich, Malkovich, Malkovich

  2. Rick Cogley says:

    Hello, I’m an admin for a group called Software Productivity, and we’d love to have this (or any other of your screenshots or screen-cam movies) added to the group! Please join, and check out the group discussions as well. Cheers, Rick Cogley

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