Absolute Digital Media Explores Social Media Growth

(PRWEB UK) 26 July 2013

The article Social Networking to Reach Half the UK Population This Year, published 10th July in eMarketer predicts that by the close of 2013, 26% of us will be on social networks, with this figure climbing to 55.6% by 2017, by which time it predicts that 71% of internet users will be accessing social sites. Perhaps more interesting was the finding that females account for 52.7% of social network use despite the gender ratio of internet users as a whole tilting towards males. They were also found to log into social networks more frequently.

The team at Essex-based agency, Absolute Digital Media, are dedicated to researching the latest industry trends and developments. As such, the recent statistics caught their interest and a representative explains the importance of understanding social media demographics.

Any company considering using social media to promote their company online should pay attention to the demographics of the social platforms they are considering using. For example, a brand specialising in womens fashion would be well advised to make use of Pinterest, the image based sharing site with a largely female user base. What is also interesting about the research from eMarketer is that it shows that the age group that typically uses social media is changing. Traditionally young people, this is expected to widen throughout the next few years, making social media marketing all the important for everyone.

Absolute Digital Media is a full service fully integrated digital marketing agency, specialising in a range of services including SEO, PPC, social media engagement, content marketing and web design. Fusing market intelligence with creativity, their aim is to deliver digital campaigns that encourage engagement, focusing on clients unique selling points, seeking out which channels are most effective to communicate them and making sure that they reach the right people at the right time.

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