Absolute Digital Media Explores the Search Ranking Power of Google Plus

(PRWEB UK) 8 August 2013

The article, 10 Interesting Digital Marketing Stats Weve Seen This Week, published 2nd August in Econsultancy details the findings of a report from Search Metrics which analysed 10,000 search terms from Google UK, using the first 3 pages of results. It found that sites which occupy the top positions within Google tend to have a higher number of social signals. Of these social signals, it appears to be Google + 1s with the largest impact on rankings, beating Facebook shares, comments and likes and tweets.

Whats particularly interesting is that when Searchmetrics produced the same report last year, it was impossible to draw any real conclusions on Google Plus due to insufficient data.

Since the introduction of Googles own foray into the world of social media, the social department at SEO Positive have kept a close eye on the development of the platform and the influence it has on SEO. Naturally interested by the recent study, a representative shares their thoughts on the subject.

Most people are aware now of the relationship between social and search positions. Whilst the importance of Google Plus is regularly discussed, its good to see some research into this particular area. The report emphasises the increasing importance Google Plus has had in the space of just one year, so it will be interesting to see if it continues to grow at the same rate.

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