Abusive Mom, Mother’s Day Lovin’

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15 thoughts on “Abusive Mom, Mother’s Day Lovin’

  1. and spoil him with love, and make him think it’s ok to keep doing wat i’m doing coz there wudn’t be a punishment to discipline him.. My mother loves me as hell, but i too have received a couple of whacks in my butt. i believe it actually helps you to become a better human being.. just because parents are strict doesn’t mean they don’t love you.. if they ignore your mistakes, it’s then that they probably don’t love you. coz they don’t care what you are becoming..

  2. I love my mom, no matter what, same goes for my dad. I don’t care if insulting your parents makes you “look cool” or “makes you look like a badass.” No, I’ll love them forever. And I really don’t care what anyone thinks, and that mother give the poor boy a cold shower, I hope she gets sent to jail. Little boy doesn’t deserve that! He’s just a kid!

  3. i hate that mum in that vid giving her son a cold shower. wat an idiot u are. he’s only a child and a cold shower. f**kin i would take care of him better if i could adopt him :/

  4. For me it’s either A og B. A: A group is pushing ideals and values through media for some unseen reason. B: The “pushing” of these ideals are actually “ourselves”, ie. the mainstream, “asking” for these things, hence they appear, as people in any business SELL things. So if the mainstream is INTO a thing then that will appear many times because the people selling something want others to buy it or buy into it. I don’t believe there is an Illuminati- that the whole thing is a construct of our own

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