Academy of Public Relations – MS: 298

APR School South Bronx, NYC Promotional Documentary 2010 Directed by Kevin Lopez and Anthony Sylvester Edited by Tim O’Neill Music by Mr. Green and Bomba.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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7 Responses to Academy of Public Relations – MS: 298

  1. imdum12 says:

    I go to this school 602

  2. yadeyli valerio says:

    i go to school there

  3. JeidenCheckoIsAlbino says:


  4. bloodyreaper5 says:

    i love you apr class of 2012

  5. Pamela Santana says:

    Im In This School My Name Is Pamela Santana And I Was On The Dance Team

  6. Kevin Diaz says:

    wooo i remenber this schoooll i miss it class of 2008 :)

  7. Daniela Flores says:

    i miss these 2009 8th graders

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