Access Full Siri! Chatbot extension AssistantExtensions

Access the whole of Siri’s brain, with Chatbot via AssistantExtensions tweak from Cydia. Download AssistantExtensions from Cydia and say Let’s Chat! Follow m…
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  1. any ways it’s really fun with this siri but as I said when you have iPhone 4 and want to use original siri which is build with iPhone 4S of course you need to get a Cydia first then Siriport Original at the end you need to install Certificate after this all siri is ready on your iPhone 4

  2. yes but the original siri is strict and doesn’t answer any weird questions like this. I had an spire and assistant extension like yours but when I used siri and asked weird question it gets back to me with the same answers. I have an iPhone 4 so I got an siri original then added siri certificate which is exactly the same siri which comes with iPhone 4S.

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