Accomplished Mortgage Consulting and Recruiting Firm Develops New Marketing Material Focused on the Fullerton An Brea Area

Orange County, California (PRWEB) March 06, 2014 over the years has built strong relationships with industry leaders in the mortgage industry. The mortgage model that was around before the collapse is quite different, and the terms those previously remember in the industry has definitely changed and headed in a completely different direction. The new rules and regulations have these mortgage net branches structured a lot different, making it a bit more challenging to open a branch. Between moving mortgage loan officers over through NMLS and licensing a location, the total process can take months. This is the main reason why Realtors and loan seekers contact The Mortgage Consulting Firm. The new marketing videos help the real estate agents get better internet exposure, and it connects them with a lender that can provide their client a home loan in Orange County.Their expertise and ability to make these complex situations as easy as possible to understand, have in turn made them one of the big mortgage/loan market success stories.

The company reports that there are many major banks looking to develop their relationships with big producers and try to bring them aboard, offering outside positions or branches. makes all of this possible. By connecting the two parties together, they can more readily get loans and listings, for example this video they posted in the Orange County area for “real estate agents Fullerton”, makes this a possibility. Since the market began stabilizing in California, and the rest of the country, that was seriously affected by the housing loan crisis, the increased buyer market has sent the whole position of the industry in a confident direction. With this being said, Anikim Credit Corp. couldn’t be more elated. They have recently been swarmed with those in the mortgage/loan side of the market requests to partner with the company and its colleagues.

The company operates with mortgage bankers and brokers to act as a channel between the loan architects and those who directly process the loans themselves. Giving both parties quick, simple, and easy access to various loan products and options, which is ideal economically and time management wise. The company, in particular, is quickly becoming the place where loan officers can fund loans through. And, the company plans on growing the bigger markets, henceforth why they have decided to expand their marketing efforts and materials into the Orange County area of California. With these new marketing information being easily accessible they can keep the cost of marketing down so the originators have an easier time with origination costs.

The company is confident that their marketing videos, “real estate agent Brea”, and “top Realtor in Fullerton” will bring these real estate partners clients with large listings. Their success in using this video and SEO strategy is apparent in their Los Angeles markets and their San Diego markets. Now they are onto conquering the Orange County market as well. The company helps its loan officers by setting up all the internet marketing tools needed to compete in todays market., Anikim Credit Corp. uses the tools and technology that are available today to help grow their business. The use of the best SEO professional in the industry helps promote the companys various online marketing campaigns and uses social media to deliver real time mortgage information to its loan officers and to the consumer.

About the company: was started after the mortgage crisis to help struggling loan officers and net branches find mortgage banks that were able to sustain through the tough times. Kevin Leonard a San Diego mortgage expert, and former owner of a large mortgage banking company, has many relationships with lenders and brokers throughout the county. Mr. Leonard helps place mortgage loan officers with jobs and mortgage net branch companies. The company also helps connect some of their banker clients with scratch and dent mortgage buyers to help clear bankers warehouse lines.

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