17 Replies to “Acer Aspire S7 Super Thin Touchscreen Windows 8 Notebook Unboxing & First Look Linus Tech Tips”

  1. okay thats your opinion but that doesn’t mean you have to call us faggots and muscleless pussies; it is offensive. some people just like sleek, thin and light and as far as I am aware most people do and just because you don’t isn’t an excuse to post offensive comments okay?

  2. Sounds like too many butthurt faggots who like their paperthin 600$ pc that breaks on the slightest contact… i’m not living in the past, evergoing future… sorry but if i get a laptop its a fullfledged one k… not some light PoS, thats for fucking muscleless pussies that think that thin looks better than normal sized laptops PS: and as i see, many faggots downvoted my previous comment..

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