Acer Aspire S7 Super Thin Touchscreen Windows 8 Notebook Unboxing & First Look Linus Tech Tips

The S7 from Acer might be my favourite thin & light notebook now. Seriously. CA: US:

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17 Responses to Acer Aspire S7 Super Thin Touchscreen Windows 8 Notebook Unboxing & First Look Linus Tech Tips

  1. MiineGamer says:

    Why the fuck are you allowed to touch laptops?!

  2. RavenDragonfire says:

    Personally i almost never use caps lock, i use shift almost always.

  3. lozonlo says:

    What is best for gaming? Windows 7 vs Windows 8?? :)

  4. StarZu93 says:

    CPU? GPU? Nice unboxing :))

  5. KRE8TVT says:

    bottom is magnesium not plastic 

  6. nayacorath says:

    I’m really interested to buy Acer Aspire S7, and after watching your video, I want it even more! Thank you for reviewing it. 😀

  7. markhcastelo says:

    nothing like a macbook air …this is WAY better…and yeah TOUCH SCREEN! , let us know when mac air gets one …

  8. aluurchin2 says:

    Intel HD Graphics 4000 -_-“

  9. eternodisperare says:

    could they be trying any harder to look like a macbook air…

  10. lilhoopgurl says:

    i’m guessing this is the 11″ version

  11. jerzyyfresh says:

    How many inches is the screen

  12. luciano randisi says:

    holy mother of god its a touch screen and the interface looks amazing

  13. c0kosnuts2 says:

    You know it’s an Ultrabook when you are not sure if the device was in sleep mode or completely shut off. 3:59 to 4:05

  14. Joseph Stella says:

    I want this ultrabook

  15. hazizi hamdan says:

    where is the backlit keyboard thing?????

  16. Kacper Dąbrowski says:

    okay thats your opinion but that doesn’t mean you have to call us faggots and muscleless pussies; it is offensive. some people just like sleek, thin and light and as far as I am aware most people do and just because you don’t isn’t an excuse to post offensive comments okay?

  17. RetsamDionomed says:

    Sounds like too many butthurt faggots who like their paperthin 600$ pc that breaks on the slightest contact… i’m not living in the past, evergoing future… sorry but if i get a laptop its a fullfledged one k… not some light PoS, thats for fucking muscleless pussies that think that thin looks better than normal sized laptops PS: and as i see, many faggots downvoted my previous comment..

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