Action Line: Making sense of cosmetics' iffy marketing terms

Action Line: Making sense of cosmetics' iffy marketing terms
"Only a few claims used on cosmetics are regulated and the government doesn't review labels before products hit store shelves," said Lisa Lee Freeman, ShopSmart editor-in-chief, hoping the list helps consumers see past the marketing terms to the actual …
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SMS Marketing Company Announces the Release of Their SMS
Businesses and organizations all over the world are quickly adopting SMS as a new marketing stream due to its ability to instantly reach a given audience. Because 95% of all text messages are read within the first 5 minutes, marketers are now able to …
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The Marketing Corner: State of the Consumer
The state of the consumer has been on the minds of every marketer in America. As first quarter rounds to a close, it is definitely clear that the consumer is dealing with a future that isn't clear. Consumers are not only aware that the economy is bad …
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