Activists Target Yahoo Over Links to Ivory Trade

Activists Target Yahoo Over Links to Ivory Trade
Activists are putting pressure on Yahoo to curb the sale of ivory products on its websites in Japan, arguing that the company is fueling—and profiting from—illegal elephant poaching. More than one million people have signed an online petition …
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Top 10 Internet Law Developments of 2015
Unfortunately, Judge Kozinski got this case 100% wrong–as proven by the en banc ruling, where the other judges unanimously disagreed with Judge Kozinski. Although his legal analysis was unambiguously wrong, Judge … Especially in light of 2015′s …
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So viele Top 100 Websites nutzen Googles App-Indexing noch nicht
Für die Analyse ermittelte der Anbieter einer Search- und Content-Performance-Plattform zunächst die 100 Websites mit der höchsten SEO-Visibility und untersuchte, welche dieser Domains überhaupt eine App für Android oder iOS anbieten. Anschließend …
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