Ad Copy for PPC Crash Course Video from the Trada PPC Library

Writing ads for pay per click advertising – and writing PPC ads that get you the best results – doesn’t have to be a mystery. This fun and informative video gives you TEN best practices for writing PPC ads that pop – and get you the best quality score! Check out our other videos from Trada’s PPC Library presents: Intro to Ad Copy. How do you write ads for PPC? In this video, we’ll teach you how to write an ad that is compelling and relevant. When writing ad copy, there are several things to consider. You must write an ad that will encourage a searcher to click, since that’s the whole point of pay per click advertising. But in order to get the best possible position on a search engine, you need to get a good quality score – which means your ads must be relevant to your keywords. Let’s jump right in with an example, and we’ll talk about best practices along the way. You’re a business who sells science and laboratory supplies online, and you want people to be able to buy lab coats from you. Here is a basic PPC ad. It has a title line, two lines of text, and a display URL.Now, this ad is perfectly serviceable, but remember that search engines value excellence and optimization – and writing your ads well will take a pay per click campaign that’s floundering and make it into a superstar. With ad copy you are trying to be compelling – so someone will click – and to differentiate yourself from all the other lab supply joints out there. So grab their attention! Now

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