Adam Curry’s Daily Source Code 180 – Steve Jobs in 2005, at D3.

So Steve decided to demo new iTunes feature – podcasts – using Adam Curry’s great show, Daily Source Code. And after playing it for a while, a single word produced a quick reaction of hitting the stop button. 🙂 In The Morning, folks!

19 thoughts on “Adam Curry’s Daily Source Code 180 – Steve Jobs in 2005, at D3.

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  2. She was jokingly saying that she wanted to find the explicit material easier; she obviously actually wanted the explicit material to be flagged in some way, idiot.

  3. I don’t think you fully comprehended what I was conveying in my comment. Whether or not that woman is or is not a feminist is irreverent to the situation. You stated, in the original comment, that she was not a feminist because she wanted to find explicitly tagged things more easily. By saying that you demonstrated that you do not understand what a feminist is because finding explicitly tagged things has nothing to do with it.

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