Adam Curry’s Daily Source Code 180 – Steve Jobs in 2005, at D3.

So Steve decided to demo new iTunes feature – podcasts – using Adam Curry’s great show, Daily Source Code. And after playing it for a while, a single word produced a quick reaction of hitting the stop button. :-) In The Morning, folks!

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19 Responses to Adam Curry’s Daily Source Code 180 – Steve Jobs in 2005, at D3.

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  2. skylandong says:

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  3. drwatsondotexe says:

    “It has something to do with the filesyst….” Okaay… Priceless.

  4. Tanikaze2 says:

    pretentious asshole?

  5. Aaron Engstrom says:

    …Alright well then get hacked. Say goodbye to your account.

  6. salmannztube says:

    i am not apple fan but jobs was a great person

  7. ferociousfrankie says:

    Oh the irony. 

  8. 0andrewsmith0 says:

    She was joking around you moron. Fuck some people are dumb.

  9. theflylice says:

    also because steve jobs was an asshole ^ ^

  10. Aaron Engstrom says:

    Look out, I’m gonna have the FBI hack you if you don’t stop.

  11. normalpsychology says:

    Oh look, my comment got 64 thumbs-ups and yours got a big, FAT ZERO. Looks like I win, bitches! *rides off on a magical cock beast*

  12. Brezzo says:

    that’s the joke.

  13. qwertzu3 says:

    ahahahahah! it is funny because sasha grey is a porn star, and her ass! it is loveable also! hahahahahhah!

  14. Toten Kopf says:

    She was jokingly saying that she wanted to find the explicit material easier; she obviously actually wanted the explicit material to be flagged in some way, idiot.

  15. Quantumface says:

    Oh i misunderstood. She clearly wants to give Steve some jobs.

  16. Killer9ss says:

    I don’t think you fully comprehended what I was conveying in my comment. Whether or not that woman is or is not a feminist is irreverent to the situation. You stated, in the original comment, that she was not a feminist because she wanted to find explicitly tagged things more easily. By saying that you demonstrated that you do not understand what a feminist is because finding explicitly tagged things has nothing to do with it.

  17. BeardedVillain says:

    Hence the “asshole” after “loveable”….

  18. alex4011 says:

    thats not true. she said ”so she can find it easier” she could want to find it easier so she could be a CUNT and suck ALL THE FUN OUT

  19. handsomebassman says:

    Whats loveable about a guy who steals other peoples tech and labels it his own?

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