Adam Smith Gains More than 217,000 Twitter Followers who Prove to be a Large Source of His Business

Temecula, CA (PRWEB) December 22, 2013

Adam Smith first came to Wes Schaeffers attention when he noticed Smith had over 217,000 followers. Those followers are now a big part of his business base.

Smith has established a team of writers who pen posts and articles in on a wide variety of topics beneficial to entrepreneurs. His team includes Jackie Bledsoe, Jr., who is a regular contributor to Huffington Post; Leo J. Lampinen, leadership; Courtney Gordner, social media; Julia Winston, communications; Daniel Kosmala, the Focus/Time Management writer; and Vincent Russell ties it all up on Sundays with his articles on creativity.

Building this team has not happened overnight, but he shares with Schaeffer how he has done it. Smith says, We all are guilty of chasing shiny objects, but you cant keep meandering and wandering. Dig your well deep.

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