AddPeople reviews 4 things SMEs can do to improve website conversions

(PRWEB UK) 15 January 2013

Whether it’s compelling a visitor to pick up the phone, fill in a form or buy direct off the site, a websites layout, copy, images and colours are all important but often overlooked factors in determining success.

Whats more, such problems can be compounded if a site is built without conversion in mind, be it from an untrained web designer or self built.

AddPeople, the SEO and web design specialists have highlighted 4 things SME’s can do to ensure their website is converting well:

1. Install Analytics, and use them

To know if a website is working, analytics are an absolute must.

While most SME’s will install free tools like Google analytics on their site, it is perhaps surprising that many still don’t actively use analytics or pay much attention to clues like page bounce rates or set up goal funnels to monitor conversions.

Reviewing the percentage of visitors that convert into leads forms a good benchmark to work from.

2. Keep it simple

SME’s who invest in a web designer naturally want them to come up with a great looking design, but sometimes the style comes at the expense of substance, with little attention to the customer experience.

Simple mistakes like making it hard to find a phone number, or putting contact forms at the bottom of the page can ultimately have a profound impact on a websites performance.

3. Get Testing

Once analytics are in place and SMEs can take a view on site performance, the next logical question is how to make the site better.

The answer is good old fashioned testing. Implementing ideas one change at a time is a great way to establish what works and what doesn’t, apply or reject then test again as appropriate until all ideas are exhausted and the best performing changes are implemented.

4. Colours count

The human mind is complex and, when it comes to online behaviour, the most subtle changes can have a surprising psychological effect.

Just Google “red v green buttons” and theres a plethora of research demonstrating how red ‘danger’ buttons are more likely to be clicked than a calming green one.

Adding colour changes into the testing programme can realise real benefits even if it sacrifices a little superficial consistency.

Neil Baker, Marketing Manager for Addpeople commented All too often SMEs look for the cheapest web design option and the result is often a website that under performs. Leads and conversions can often be increased through relatively straight forward changes and small business owners could see great returns by finding ways to unlock any latent potential in their site performance.

Add People are a Manchester based digital marketing agency specialising in affordable website design, search engine optimisation (SEO), and pay per click marketing services. Add People work with more than 3,000 businesses in the UK and around the world and were nominated among New Media Ages top 100 list of interactive agencies for 2012. For more information about Add People visit or follow them on twitter at

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