Addpeople Reviews 5 Tips for SME’s to Improve Content Marketing

(PRWEB UK) 9 November 2012

Content marketing are the latest buzz words within the online marketing industry but what does it mean and how does it relate to SMEs?

Marketing strategies are not just about promotions and discounts. Brands that offer value through content can also gain a competitive edge.

Business owners need to engage potential customers with useful high quality content to build trust and turn prospects into customers whilst increasing search engine performance. Here, Addpeople highlight 5 ways that business owners can build their brand online.

Blog regularly

For SEO reasons at least, its essential for most types of small businesses to get blogging. It is free (aside from the time to do it!) and easy way of regularly adding content which is visible to search engines, shares across social media and builds trust.

Case studies

SMEs should have a space on their website where prospect and customers can read about the positive effects of their products or services. Case studies should ideally contain a problem, a solution and demonstrate the results achieved. A great way for businesses to showcase the value they add with their products and services.

Web video

Web videos are increasingly popular and 8 out of 10 internet users now watch video content online. An engaging and interesting video can add another dimension to a businesses website, providing a visually more interesting way of showcasing products and services. Product demonstrations, tutorials and interview videos are all potentially effective tools in the small business owners armoury.


SMEs should consider adding a subscribe option on their blog page so customer and prospects can sign up to receive their newsletters. Drafting newsletters doesnt have to be a time consuming task, and owners should simply inform prospects on relevant topics where their business can add value and potential customers need help.

Educational material

Business owners can create material specifically to inform customers and prospects, such as presentations, webinars and eBooks. SMEs should use their industry expertise to shed light on up-and-coming trends and explain the benefits of their products or services. Using images, graphs and infographics will make the content more engaging.

Business owners prepared to make the time investment to produce content within their marketing strategy should also stick to the following rules of thumb.

1. Be realistic on how much time and effort is required. Focus on areas that will bring the biggest return.

2. Use the right distribution channels. Social media is obvious, but look for relevant industry blogs and publications to get content syndicated outside the normal site and social network loop.

3. Be consistent in opinion and allow time for the strategy to grow organically. The more quality content thats out there the more visible and trusted the business will ultimately become.

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