AddPeople SEO reviews – 5 signs your website may need a redesign

(PRWEB UK) 22 February 2013

Through the eyes of the consumer, a website can be used to gauge the success of a business and may be the deciding factor in whether they deal with one provider over another. Reasons for redesigning now go beyond simply changing the look and feel of a website, because as technology develops the ways people use and access the internet change.

AddPeople, the digital marketing specialists, have compiled a list of 5 tell-tale signs a business owner may need to think about redesigning their website:

Was the website built in the 90s?

Standards, designs and best practice on the web change very quickly and a website that was designed back in the early days of the internet wont have the same appeal or functionality as it once did.

Is it user friendly?

A fully functional and well designed website adds value to a customers experience. SMEs need to ensure that visitors are able to navigate a website with ease and can access all the information they desire within a few clicks.

SMEs must ensure their websites does not contain any broken elements or visitors will face the dreaded 404 not found message!

Is the website accessible on a mobile?

Last year saw a huge drive to make websites more device friendly, with increasing numbers of people accessing the internet on the move. Some 40% of adults in the UK now own a Smartphone so responsive web design is now essential if SMEs want to remain competitive in a mobile market.

Does the website take long to load?

SMEs must ensure that visitors dont need to download large amounts of information such as scripts and imagery just to view the website. This not only increases the loading time but will also eat into precious data allowances from users visiting on a mobile device.

SMEs need to make sure they remember the 5 second rule; it should take no longer than 5 seconds for a website to load as every second after this will lose valuable visitors.

Are visitors dropping like flies?

If a website is maintaining traffic volume but losing visitors after theyve viewed the site then its time for a redesign. Using Google analytics, SMEs should gain a better understanding when and where they are losing traffic. Having a high bounce rate on multiple pages can often be a tell-tale sign that the website doesnt appeal to the visitor.

Search engines acknowledge its existence, right?

Website design techniques have changed drastically throughout the years and often websites that were built with frames and heavy amounts of flash will look dated and perform badly in search engines.

Search engines like Google dont like websites that are not coded properly and difficult to index. SMEs would benefit from a redesign here as by incorporating best practice SEO techniques in the new build, they will achieve much healthier rankings.

AddPeople, the digital marketing specialists, have been building fully optimised mobile friendly websites for customers across the world and have recently been awarded One to Watch status by Sunday Times Best Companies 2013. For more information on the services AddPeople provide, visit their website at of follow them on twitter for the latest digital marketing news

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