15 Replies to “Adobe Muse CC Search Engine Optimization Tutorial | 4 CRITICAL SEO Tips”

  1. NICE!! BIG Thanks for (I didn’t know about image properties and paragraph styles H1, h2 etc) the SEO Tips, super clear and you’re a grt ‘teacher’ Joseph!

  2. Hi I am new to Muse, I find your tutorials quite useful, thanks for your collaboration!!! Would you create one tutorial explaining how to create the parallax effect linked to buttons rather than scrolling only, as an example as in a website called yumbun.co.uk. Thanks John 🙂

  3. I have been a Muse user since the early beginnings, and still you can teach me those little great tips. Your videos ar just perfect. Please keep them coming 🙂

  4. In the last tip, i think the “HTML for head>” can be used to put the Google Analytics tracking code (or other softwares). I love your designs and the way you teach. Keep it up, my friend.

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