Ads Quality Updates

This video gives an update on the change from inactive keywords to first page bids and how it affects your campaigns.

3 thoughts on “Ads Quality Updates

  1. Google Seems to Have Caught a bad case of Favoritism about it’s customers. One that is Not really to its benefit. They seems to be running off their paying customers (Advertising Customers), So that they can provide a “Better User Experience”! Well For one I’m going to most likely abandon Google for Determining Ad Quality on Vague Terms such as “Other Relevancy Factors”. I’m a Customer and I’m letting you know, that I am not having a Pleasant User Experience and Many others feel the same way!

  2. Yes I agree How can google be this sloppy with releasing such terrible sound quality. and they are now making it too difficult for the typical business owner to compete Especially in the depression period. Google go back to the basics and let the customers decide whats good! Geeze all the mubo jumbo crap

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