AdSense Tips: Different forms of invalid activity

In this video, we’ll explore a few different forms of invalid activity. To learn more about invalid activity and our policies, visit the Ad Traffic Quality R…
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19 Responses to AdSense Tips: Different forms of invalid activity

  1. Lamzy Victory says:


  2. Meri Bassai says:

    Do google really think that we adsense publishers are that dumb to click on on our own advertisements? seriously, this is totally injustice.

  3. Meri Bassai says:

    We should be able to contact google through phone so that we can inform google quickly about invalid clicks. Jealous people use auto clicker to disable our adsense account and google won’t take care of it which is totally injustice.

  4. el sapo freelance says:

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  5. MUHAMMET MF says:

    I just wonder how many real clicks are mistaken for invalid traffic.

  6. CoLinearProductions says:

    Lost almost 2000 dollars… and i dont know why…

  7. Vlad Lupu says:

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  9. Mattallica44644 says:

    Why do you allow people to use adsense on their videos showing off fake and counterfeit items?Does google support counterfeit items?

  10. VitaBonumEst says:

    they do have support, if you earn enough. i think it’s 20$ average/day..

  11. seo moz says:

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  12. sandy72680 says:

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  13. Bj7747fu says:

    just give birthdate i can do it 😀

  14. VBMENOW says:

    Google Adsense Suck my dick , Today google Close my account for nothing it just one click and i don’t know why !!! ,


    Google says: dont complaint!! we dont event care about you, publisers!

  16. Borce Nikolov says:

    I have a question, have you thought about this program called the Intellitus Cash System? (look it up on google). My coworker says it makes people lots of cash.

  17. Rizz0Rizz0 says:

    Why would they do that? If a big publisher is doing harm to the ecosystem, kicking them out would restore a lot more health than kicking out a few small ones. I think that in general, the small ones will have a larger percentage of invalid clicks compared to their total traffic volume.

  18. Dixxy MAXWELL says:

    is it possible to have your Google sign in hacked? app or program.

  19. kyduso says:

    A lot of people got banned for nothing. Think about it AdSense – you dont have any telephone number or any mail where people can talk to you ,and no responding by robot

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