AdSense vs Adwords

A more in depth look into how AdWords relates to AdSense.

15 thoughts on “AdSense vs Adwords

  1. thanks lisa, very helpful. i’m a newbe and was wondering if you can give me so advise on what the first 3 steps i should take to get going on my affiliate marketing venture. this is from the start so any advise will help. thanks again

  2. Companies ARE people. They’re people who are paying to advertise their company’s products or services to other people that might be interested in buying those products or services. The fewer customers a company has, the fewer jobs are needed by the company. Clicking your own ads is stealing, what is wrong with stopping someone from stealing?

  3. I don’t particularly care how advertisers feel, and disabling user accounts is pretty unethical. People over companies. Pay-per-Click is a stupid business model if it requires this sort of policing.

  4. I always see you in a verity of different kind of videos talking about a whole range of different things. and I gotta say that you really do a good job at every video, they are really helpful and informative.

  5. hey lisa i am a youtuber and i have a adwords account connected to my channel i paid google 500 bucks (in rupees) how can i get paid for my videos without spending a fortune

  6. you’re given a choice once you create your own ad campaign… a choice of which site or network you prefer. you can either have them placed on each site automatically or manually one by one you place them.. or you can just turn the network feature off and have it run via google search only

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