Advance Future Technology, Must See (By Aditya)

Advance Future Technology, Must See you can see lot of technogy like screen touch, Touch paper etc… it is fantastic clip of future Technology… Must Watch…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

21 thoughts on “Advance Future Technology, Must See (By Aditya)

  1. Adult entertainment will never get wiped out, because there is too much demand for it. The people in tomorrows world would rebel and riot about it.

  2. To the person who put the comment we need more electric cars. I saw this video about how America did make a fully electric car but was totally recalled because the oil Tycoons didn’t want that to happen they want our dependency on them and to prove that even more the oil spill in the gulf by BP the owner told the president no! Straight to his face when asked to clean it up which is scary to think that money is what controls everything. People are more concerned about lining their pockets rather

  3. Esta tecnologia solo estara disponible para la gente que tiene dinero y poder y los grandes paises a un gran costo… Todos los demas moriran de hambre, enfermedades y el calentamiento global poco a poco acabara con nosotros.

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