Advanced Facebook Marketing. How we get traffic, leads and sales.

+Chris Smith and +Jimmy Mackin are advanced Facebook marketers. They’ve generated 1 million+ page views, 100000+ leads and 1000’s of sales (worth millions of dollars) using Facebook Pages,…
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17 Responses to Advanced Facebook Marketing. How we get traffic, leads and sales.

  1. Elisabeth Bobeck says:

    Great show Chris, even a few days after. One free FB tip from Jack to all. When you boost a post, all the people who click on liking the post, INVITE them to your page. Once invited, they LIKE your page, then they receive your feed. Best way to spend 20 bucks a week, or 500 bucks a year, and add people to your page.

  2. Jamal Bee says:

    Fallowing expert, that’s great advice.

  3. Jeff Manson says:

    Thanks for the following page tip. iSpy Curaytor ;-)

  4. Amy Corey says:

    Advanced YouTube Marketing please…NICE JOB tonight!

  5. National Realty Centers says:

    Advanced video / YouTube ads… You guys are GREAT!!!!

  6. Tristan Emond says:

    Again. You guys rock. I’m rolling for YouTube marketing. So let it be written. So let it be done. 

  7. Michelle Santorelli says:

    Would love a show on Advanced YouTube Marketing! Great job guys! 

  8. Ben Kakimoto says:

    Advanced YouTube marketing

  9. Craig Mesure says:

    Every Lead is a Facebook lead. 

  10. Bill Faulkner says:

    Chris and Jimmy, great show- you crushed it! Second time I watched it. YouTube marketing please.

  11. Susie Huxford says:

    Great show tonight and Im not just saying that! Thanks a ton guys…#watercooler

  12. Alec Stall says:

    Can i have a shoutout

  13. The Serena Group - Keller Williams Realty says:

    I think YouTube would be very helpful as VIDEO for real estate is becoming paramount in marketing.

  14. Janice Lewis says:

    I would like to see Advanced Email Marketing!

  15. Susie Huxford says:

    My vote is for Advanced Youtube Marketing!! 

  16. Anne Rossley says:

    Advanced email marketing

  17. Heidi Laros says:

    I really want to see the Facebook Ads content. I have to learn ASAP!

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