Advanced Social Media Advertising, Marketing & Promotions

Advanced Social Media Advertising, Marketing & Promotions
Event on 2013-06-27 09:00:00
Advanced Social Media Advertising & Marketing

Social Media Marketing is growing faster than any other marketing channel. Almost overnight social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter have become just as important to the Marketing & Advertising landscape as traditional media. But how do you make it work? What are the strategies to attract, convert and maintain customers by executing paid and organic social media advertising campaigns?The goal of this series is to help you answer some of the most asked questions concerning paid social media advertising, marketing and promotions whether its for your business, brand or client: 

  • What are some best practices for campaign planning, implementation and management of paid social advertising on the largest social platforms?
  • How can you integrate mobile device and geolocation targeting capabilities on social channel platforms to connect a target audience to your brand’s real world experience?
  • How might you leverage organic content on some of the fastest growing platforms that don’t yet offer paid advertising? Also, how can you utilize some great platform specific monitoring tools to track key performance indicators?

Day One: Thursday June 27, 9am – 4pm  Morning Session: Core Social – Introductory Paid Social Advertising Strategies and Best Practices. Linked In, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook.

We’ll kick off the seminar series with a “Top Down” macro review of paid social advertising on the most widely used social platforms. When most people think of “Social” these platforms are what most people think of. The goal of this course is to introduce students to paid advertising on some of the most widely used social platforms of Facebook, Linked In, Twitter and You Tube. The take away for students will be an understanding of the most recent opportunities and best practices of conducting paid advertising on these widely used social platforms. This session will also demonstrate setting up necessary accounts and managing budgets. Afternoon Session: SoLoMo – Social – Mobile and Local Marketing Leveraging Local, Review and Deal Sites. Yelp, Foursquare, Google Places, Living Social, Group On, Facebook Check-ins & Gifts.

Session one is a macro view of paid social advertising and session two takes the exact opposite micro approach. We’ll review how to integrate the concept of SoLoMo or Social, Local and Mobile into your paid social advertising. We’ll focus on achieving conversions using social media sites often associated with traditional and local independently owned businesses. These sites offer some of the most overlooked social conversion opportunities. All have recently introduced new features greatly benefiting advertisers and companies.

 Day Two: Friday June 18, 9am – 4pm  Morning Session: Integrating Organic Social Media Platforms. Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr.

The third session will build upon the previous sessions by introducing techniques for leveraging organic content on some of the fastest growing social platforms. Afternoon Session:
ROI: Measuring Return On Investment Using Platform Specific and Social Monitoring Tools. Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, TweetDeck, Wildfire by Google, Pinterest Analytics and Bottlenose.

The final session will introduce several useful platform specific monitoring tools that offer valuable monitoring for difficult to track platforms. We’ll also wrap up this series with a brief review of concepts and materials introduced in the prior sessions. Who Should Attend:  Marketing Professionals, Marketing Professionals, Executives in Transition, Entrepreneurs and anyone wanting to gain valuable insight and information they can immediately put to work. Join your industry peers, small businesses owners, entrepreneurs and freelancers for four comprehensive three-hour seminars held over two days. There will be plenty of real world case studies all building your knowledge and expertise in the dynamic and impactful social media. Requirements:  Working familiarity of Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Linked In or Twitter. Seminars do not require prior social media advertising experience. Those with questions are more than welcome to contact the instructor directly. Laptop or Tablet Computer: Recommended, not required  Regardless of your proficiency in paid social media advertising, you will be sure to gain useful techniques you can immediately benefit from implementing. This seminar series is intended for marketing and advertising professionals who seek a hands-on approach, want to expand their paid social advertising savvy and enjoy learning alongside industry peers. We take a no sales pitch zone approach to our seminars, as you won’t be “pitched” to purchase additional sales materials or courses. Think of this series an auto repair class approach to paid social advertising. We’ll spend as much time under the hood of as many social platforms as possible. We also promise this is the last time we resort to silly analogies…unless you’re into that sort of thing!

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