Advanced Social Media Marketing & Advertising September 2013

Advanced Social Media Marketing & Advertising September 2013
Event on 2013-09-11 13:00:00

Advanced Social MAP: Paid Social Marketing, Advertising and Promotions Certification Series

Paid Social Media Advertising: Learn strategies for attracting, converting and maintaining customers by executing paid and organic social media advertising campaigns. This comprehensive series will help you execute paid social media advertising, marketing and promotions whether it’s for your business, brand or client:

Planning & Execution: Learn best practices for campaign planning, budgeting and execution on the largest social platforms: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Yelp, FourSquare, Instagram, Pinterest, & Tumblr.

Ad Formats & Emerging Cross Platform Standards (IAB): Simple Image, Text and Video ads have given way to Newsfeed, Sponsored Stories, Display, Banner, InMail, In Stream, In App and In Game. Understand the variety of ad formats to gain cross platform consistency, and make the best decision for ad purchase in regards to your client, product, or brand. 

 Social Media Session One:  Wednesday, September 11th 1-5pm

#SocialMap100: Introduction to Paid Social Advertising Strategies and Best Practices for LinkedIn and Facebook.

Objective: Provide a high level look at the world of Social Advertising, introducing concepts, platforms, and cabilities.

Introduction to Ad Terminology, Concepts & Best Practices: Learn the concepts and best practices for conducting paid advertising, which are quickly being adopted by several of the widely used social platforms. The value will be having a consistent process , which we can apply throughout the series including platforms introduced in later sessions. We’ll also demonstrate setting up necessary accounts and managing budgets and review ad formats, dimensions and basic content guidelines.

Introduction to Facebook Advertising: Understand Facebook’s algorithm and Newsfeed Story Bumping for improved advertising ROI. This session will define Facebook Ad Types, (Page, Event, App or Website). The Facebook ad creation process and setting goals, planning, creating, Budgeting, Audience Targeting, Scheduling and Execution of Facebook Advertising Campaigns. Learn the Facebook campaign targeting options of Broad Category, Topic Targeting, and Precise Interest Targeting.

Introduction to LinkedIn Advertising: Learn how to set up a LinkedIn Advertising Account: Budgeting, Audience Targeting, Precision Targeting and the different LinkedIn ad formats to best suit your business needs. LinkedIn Advertising Options including LinkedIn Self Service, Display, Text & Video Ads, Sponsored Updates, LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, Premium Display Advertising, LinkedIn Sponsored InMail and Content Advertising.


Social Media Session Two: Wednesday, September 18th 1-5pm

#SocialMap200 Introduction to Twitter Advertising, Integrating Hashtags (#), At Mentions (@), SoLoMo and The Facebook Power Editor.

Objective: Making your ad development process efficient, appropriate, and on target.

Facebook Power Editor: Learn how to save time by mass-editing ads and page posts across campaigns, accounts and pages, and bulk ad creation. Learn how to use Sponsored Results to buy ads in search results driving to your App, Page, or Place. Utilize conversion tracking to measure the ROI of your ad spend. We’ll cover Navigating the Power Editor, Campaign Dashboard, Image Library, Audiences and client billing. Conversion Tracking, Bulk Imports, Newsfeed Placements, Sponsored Search Results, Custom Audiences and Enhanced Campaigns.

Twitter Advertising: We’ll introduce the two main options of Twitter Advertising beginning with Self Service Ads for Small Businesses and Full Service Ads designed for Brands, Agencies and Large Businesses. We’ll then learn how to amplify the reach of a social advertising campaign with Promoted Tweets, Promoted Accounts, and Trends. You’ll learn about the unique elements of Twitter Advertising Campaign Targeting Options and Best Practices.

# Hashtags & @ Mentions: Understanding Coded Brand Conversations for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.

SoLoMo: Social – Mobile and Location Marketing Leveraging Local, Review and Deal Sites. Yelp, Foursquare, Google Places, Living Social, Group On, Facebook Check-ins & Gifts and Facebook Graph Search.

Location API for mobile device targeting: Why FourSquare’s Location API is used more than you think and why it’s so important.

Mobile Advertising & Content Marketing: Creating Mobile Advertising content on Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, FourSquare and LinkedIn, Including no cost advertising options and how to execute paid location based advertising.


Social Media Session Three:  Wednesday, September 25th 1-5pm

#SocialMap300: Advanced Analysis, Insights & Reporting, Integrating Organic Social Platform Content and platform focused analysis tools.

Objective: Understanding if your ads are returning your investment, and identifying key opportunities to optimize future ad spend.

Analysis, Monitoring and ROI: Defining Paid Social Advertising KPI’s, A/B Testing, and 3 useful ROI models: Sales Funnel, Multiple Attribution and Lifetime Value of Customer.

Facebook Enhanced Ads Manager Report & Enhanced Insights: Learn how to create a custom report to include multiple KPI metrics and the different metrics for measuring Facebook ad spend ROI. Learn how to break out ad performance by demographics and geography to better understand the performance of your efforts and the audience you are reaching. Facebook Enhanced Insights: Learn about Social Reach and the exponential return of Facebook’s Virality and Social Reach Dimensions and Facebook Custom Metrics.

Twitter Analytics & Twitter Web Analytics: Learn to measure your Twitter traffic on the platform as well as how much traffic is being driven to a site by your ad spend and social property. Promoted Tweets dashboard: Impressions, Number of clicks and Click Rate. Follower growth chart: Track organic and paid follower growth.

LinkedIn Company Analytics: Track views and clicks from ads to your LinkedIn Company page or external website and learn about benchmarking options.

Pinterest Analytics: Pins Created, Reach, Website visitors, Most Repinned Content, Most Clicked Content and the Pinterest Secret Board. Pinterest Business Tools: Rich Pins and Pin It Button.

Integrating Organic Social Platform & Video Content: Incorporate video content from Instagram, Vine, Facebook and LinkedIn into your paid advertising execution. We’ll also cover how to integrate organic content from Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr into your overall strategy.

 Save when you register for the complete certification series! Register today to save your seat. Overall Series Objectives:

Content: Content is king and understanding the differences and advantages to each content type will be your competitive edge. This course will cover both organic and paid marketing to enhance your presence online through quality content and ad buy. Some examples of content the types we’ll cover are:

o Hashtags # & @ Mentions: Learn strategies and techniques for incorporating Hashtags (#)& interactions which have quickly become essential components of any paid advertising and social content strategy.

o SoLoMo & Mobile Device Targeting: Integrate mobile device and geo-location targeting capabilities on social channel platforms to connect a target audience to your brand’s real world experience.

o Organic & Video Content: Learn how to incorporate organic and video content from popular social platforms including Instagram, Vine, Pinterest and Tumblr into your paid social advertising.

Facebook Power Editor, Social Graph & Programmatic Advertising: Learn how to use some of the more advanced tools such as the Facebook Power Editor, Programmatic Advertising, Facebook Open Graph and the Facebook Ad Exchange (FBX) to open up new opportunities for your business.

Analysis, Insights & Reporting: Learn to calculate ROI for your advertising and content marketing execution as well as identify resources to help track key performance indicators that match your organization’s goals. Each platform reports uniquely, so users must learn how to effectively use Facebook’s Enhanced Insights, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest analytics, while identifying third party tools to access information about your paid and organic campaigns.

Who Should Attend:

Marketing Professionals, Marketing Professionals, Executives in Transition, Entrepreneurs and anyone wanting to gain valuable insight and information they can immediately put to work. Join your industry peers, small businesses owners, entrepreneurs and freelancers for four comprehensive three-hour seminars held over two days. There will be plenty of real world case studies all building your knowledge and expertise in the dynamic and impactful social media.

Requirements: Working familiarity of Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Linked In or Twitter. Seminars do not require prior social media advertising experience. Those with questions are more than welcome to contact the instructor directly. Laptop or Tablet Computer: Recommended, not required.

About your Social Media Advertising Seminar Leader:

James McCracken: is the first to admit that when it comes to Social Media and Multi-Channel Marketing, no one has all of the answers. His goal for any client or student is to bring a sense of calm to the chaos.  By teaching the fundamentals of Organic and Paid Social Media in a practical manner, he helps identify and improve their marketing strategies.  Throughout his career James has seen how many companies struggle to integrate new technology and niche marketing strategies, often times failing to leverage their competitive advantage. He sees a lot of similarities between the challenges companies faced in the early 90’s and the present. Several decades ago many companies rushed to get online; recently they have had the misfortune of joining the Social Media Movement without first developing a strategy or setting goals. Consequently they overlook the opportunity to integrate Social Media within their existing marketing execution and never realize positive return on investment. James’s credits his unique approach to a diverse marketing and management consulting background.  His first marketing role was at Schwan’s Consumer Brands.  There he managed communication with brand, channel and trade partners in developing experiential and channel marketing programs in an effort to overcome disconnect between long-term brand strategies and tactical sales execution. He moved on to developing successful field, sports and event marketing programs for Pepsi, Frito-Lay and Schwan’s. As a management consultant James has provided strategic insight covering a broad range of engagements encompassing due diligence, acquisitions, organic growth, strategic planning, and competitive intelligence. He feels fortunate to have worked with a wide variety of clients spanning numerous industries including healthcare, insurance, automotive, consumer and building products.  

DemandQuest: the Twin Cities' only Google Certified Partner offering complete training. DemandQuest was founded by marketing & sales entrepreneur Ted Kozlowski. Having crafted marketing solutions for a variety of organizations and industries, and having worked extensively with such internet marketing companies as Google, Yahoo!, Microsoft, Facebook and LinkedIn, DemandQuest’s founder and instructors are uniquely qualified to take the guesswork out of your marketing efforts and provide processes and solutions that are easy to use and affordable for businesses of all sizes.

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