AdvantageBot, brand new marketing software … AdvantageBot is a brand new marketing software tool designed for business owners, affiliate marketers, copywriters and advertisers that want to acheive the highest response and conversion from their text. AdvantageBot is a text based scoring engine that guarantees a better response to your words (with an 85% guaranteed predictability) and unlike anything else available today. Developed by ace marketing duo, Simon Hodgkinson & JP Schoeffel, AdvantageBot’s results are delivered by a scoring engine powered by analysis of over 70 years of marketing and advertising material across 216000+ data points – Quite simply there is nothing else like this in the world For more information visit
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  1. rumbl0r says:

    I want advantagebot nao!

  2. Kevin M. Thomas says:

    i would like that world

  3. Jack76327 says:

    i love this shit!!! 😀 

  4. slicesickel says:

    can I post this video on my blog?

  5. MoneyTaurus says:

    I subscribed I liked I favourited your vidz all of them!!!

  6. TheRichGamers says:

    really good video

  7. pbrassat says:

    Wow, amazing! such a greate video!

  8. UNGamerify says:

    So talented. I love all your covers 😀

  9. Micheal Jones says:

    can I post this clip on my website?

  10. lkhgary33 says:

    i put this vid on stumbleupon

  11. safetypeenhead says:

    ive watched all of your videos and ove your content i believe u deserver more subbs than you already have

  12. minecraft4seer says:

    Youre so great at what you do 

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