adwords abuse

There has been a recent explosion in abuse of AdWords, Google’s PPC (pay per click) advertising platform. It is apparent that the techniques do not follow Google’s own clear guidelines. Unfortunately, users and legitimate advertisers pay the price, while Google and the unscrupulous advertisers profit. Google has always put its users first and one would hope that they will continue to abide by their charter. My aim with this video is to urge them to do something about these issues sooner rather than later. Please send an email to Google, or to your favorite business or technology publication/blog
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15 thoughts on “adwords abuse

  1. (To the producer of this video): This is an interesting video; however honestly you spend 10 minutes conveying what is really a very simple message?!!! And change the style of commentary please, there is no need to repeat word-for-word what is clearly contained in the screen.

  2. Thinking about this they may be using Free Google AdWords, about $25.00 to $75.00 dollars can be obtained for new accounts. Once that cash runs out, they may create a new account and get another $50.00 dollars. But then Google gets some cash for this so do they care?

  3. Good video, Good experience sharing. My adword traffic quality has been very poor. I believe this is one major reason. I will report to Google. I will stop clicking on links from a Google adword page.

  4. Good video, with good points. This should get removed under the ‘G’ Quality Score after a bit but… Will ‘G’ ever stop this because it make money for ‘G’ and promoting ‘G’ ads… Shame on ‘G’ who Claim’ the are trying to improve user experience. Are these sites only there for a week or two?

  5. Well, if I make Ads, I set the setting, that I wanna be ONLY found on google Website and not on such shitty ad-Pages. And I hate that Only-Ad-Pages! They sometimes seem like you’ve found exactly what you were seeking for. And then what you find is just that shitty AdPage! Everyone should report that pages to Google!

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