After Outage, Google Apps Are Back Online – Mashable

After Outage, Google Apps Are Back Online – Mashable
UPDATE: Google Apps service returned at roughly 9AM ET on Wednesday. Google contacted Mashable, confirming the "issue" with this comment: "We are currently investigating issues with Gmail, Drive and Docs as well as the Google Apps Control Panel.
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Make Google Chrome do your bidding with new Google Apps control panel
If you use Google Chrome in your business, keeping track of your users' settings just got a little easier: Google announced a new admin panel for Google Apps for Business and Education customers that will allow administrators to manage Chrome settings, …
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Google Apps goes TITSUP for millions – users REJOICE on Twitter
Google said that its Documents, Presentations, Gmail and Drive services were all affected by the outage. The website Downrightnow currently shows Google Apps in the red zone. Which is bad, obviously. The Register has asked Google to explain what's …
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