After Robert Durst 'confession' the criminals who shopped themselves

After Robert Durst 'confession' the criminals who shopped themselves
When his wife Kathleen disappeared in 1982, the estranged son of one of New York's real estate dynasties denied any involvement. In the following years, Durst bounced in and out of jail for other crimes, cut all ties with relatives and sued his brother …

Welp, we feel ancient: What 9 popular websites used to look like
Since then, they and other popular websites have been revamped and tricked out to satisfy the eyes and needs of the immense traffic they draw. Check out this infographic made by Robert Morris at NinjaEssays, which compares what some of our favorite …
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6-year-old heart patient's shooting death rattles St. Louis
ST. LOUIS (AP) — Six-year-old Marcus Johnson Jr.'s family will bury him Thursday in St. Louis after he was killed last week in an attack his parents say stemmed from a traffic dispute. The kindergartner visited O'Fallon Park with his parents, four …
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