After School (애프터스쿨) – Flashback mp3+DL link

After school “flashback” mp3 from 5th maxi album. [no copyright infringement intended. for entertainment purposes only]. Download:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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22 Responses to After School (애프터스쿨) – Flashback mp3+DL link

  1. Cookie Jou says:

    We all just have to deal with it, that Bekah and Kahi are no longer a part of AS.

  2. gyurifany09 says:

    Yeah that’s her. Her name’s UEE :3

  3. TAROlovex3 says:

    It’s UEE 😀

  4. SkaterGirl206 says:

    I miss Kahi D: To me, After School doesnt seem like a whole anymore. Theyre still amazing, but theyre missing that spice that Kahi brought out…and Bekah!

  5. TheMattie08 says:

    i love this song 😀

  6. xV13TxB01x says:

    Who is that one girl that’s from “You’re Beautiful”? Is that her? I’m 100% sure that’s her. Lol.

  7. keikihito says:

    Bekah and Kahi should comeback !! i miss them so muuuuuuuuuuuuuch

  8. FunkayNinjaBe3st says:

    Yeah, especially when Jung Ah is covered by Ka Eun. Not cool! >:(

  9. LuizDChase says:

    2:25 KOREASTEP

  10. aurelina12 says:

    Lizzy, Nana and juyeon <3

  11. TAROlovex3 says:

    ME TOO!! She’s my bias >__<

  12. jane choding says:

    JOOYEON UNNIE!!!! ♥♥♥

  13. indiaqueen361 says:

    I wish Bekah and Kahi could have been in this song. It would be 500 million times sexier. <3

  14. selena311lol says:

    NANA ! :3 If she had to leave, I’d just die…

  15. doory lambo says:


  16. XeraXera98 says:


  17. DruSceneDolly says:

    I’m obsessed with these girls, they’re all stunning and so talented. Now I wish I was korean… :c

  18. kobutan212 says:


  19. SparkzMxzXZ says:

    both UEE and Nana will be great losses if they leave, they have quite large fanbases.

  20. SparkzMxzXZ says:

    and bekah too please T.T

  21. rtc7788 says:

    Who cares about uee, it’s all about NANA!

  22. Inshomina says:

    Well, it’s going to be probably a few years before that happens. Plus, there is Nana. And Jooyeon who is the original face of the group. And there will probably also be new members by the time Uee graduates.

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