“Agents of Secret Stuff”

EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: HigaTV and Wong Fu Productions DIRECTED by Wong Fu Productions (Wesley Chan, Ted Fu Philip Wang) youtube.com PRODUCED and WRITTEN by Ryan Higa and Wong Fu Productions BEHIND THE SCENES: www.youtube.com BLOOPERS www.youtube.com MUSIC Composed by George Shaw georgeshawmusic.com VISUAL EFFECTS by Corridor Digital http ASSISTANT PRODUCER: Chris Dinh CAST Aden: Ryan Higa youtube.com Taylor: Arden Cho youtube.com Melvin: Dominic “D-Trix” Sandoval youtube.com Tracy: HiImRawn youtube.com Agent X: Aki Aleong www.youtube.com Mr. Anderson: Kassem G youtube.com Bro-in-law: Philip Wang Principal: Joe Saramago Friend 1: Grace Su youtube.com Friend 2: Madison Owning Friend 3: Victoria Turney Pervert: Ian Hecox youtube.com Coach: Patrick Krebbs Bryson: Anthony Padilla youtube.com HAIR AND MAKEUP: Ivy Choi ACTION COORDINATORS: Corridor Digital, Eric Lim ADDITIONAL ACTION ASST: Brandon Laatsch, Freddie Wong youtube.com ILLUSTRATORS: Brian Chan, Alexander Shen COLORIST: Niko Pueringer PRODUCTION ASSISTANTS: Alex Son, Grace Su, Tommy Tring, Philip Tran EXTRAS: Gabrielle Alingas, Jared Aloerson, Evan Hunter, Kenna Kitamura, Tammy Le, Bryan Lindsley, Korina Lopez, Zach Mietz, Susie Ng, Francis Palaqui, Kevin Rodgers, Steven Reichmuth, Austin Reichmuth, Alex Son, Tommy Trinh, Trisha Trinh, Thi Uong, Dylan Volkman ORIGINAL SONGS: “My Time with You” – David Choi and Kina Grannis youtube.com youtube.com “By Chance (You and I)” – JRA youtube.com SPECIAL THANKS: Luci Higa, Diann

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21 Responses to “Agents of Secret Stuff”

  1. alexaaroig says:

    Make ass 2 plz

  2. alexaaroig says:

    Best videos ever

  3. Nayla Zylberberg says:

    “i’m talking high, quality, ass.” OMG DYING

  4. cupcakeowls1219 says:


  5. elizabethturac says:

    22:20 no jacket, 22:27, jacket.

  6. ExpertDownloads2Go says:

    SMOSH IS IN THIS!?!! That’s awesome

  7. Dominique Cheng says:

    I just love how Ian was labeled as ‘Pervert’ in the cast!

  8. zfish1995 says:

    how come he is lightning fast in the gym but not when he’s chasing a car? :P

  9. kelinaks says:

    and Anthony too

  10. kelinaks says:

    awesome Ian’s in the film

  11. kanarbik33 says:

    Mmm.. date ass

  12. 2f3awesome says:

    Make an ASS 2 please!

  13. wolfhowlmay says:

    “and fat” oh my god her face XD

  14. Round Rabbit says:

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  15. tylerrulz78 says:

    Ryan is a really good actor he should be in movies!

  16. pinoycutie101 says:

    Im your step step brother in law hahaha :)

  17. Yasmine M. says:

    Great movie they should be real actors 😀 that dude reminds me of the judge of america’s best danscrew :p

  18. JustWantToPostSometh says:

    Best Film EVER *-*

  19. mason sao says:


  20. Josh Nohrer says:

    Im.. an ass

  21. egert321 says:

    Best movie what i haw seen. 

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