AgilePoint Releases Private Cloud Multi-Tenant Support & More

Mountain View, CA (PRWEB) August 11, 2014

AgilePoint ( announces the latest release of AgilePoint BPMS, v5.0 R2 SP1. The release provides over 50 new features and fixes including Multi-Tenant support for on-premisis private clouds, the integration of Salesforce Chatter message streams and support for the latest Microsoft technologies. This release and its features apply to Standard and Enterprise Editions for .NET 3.5 and .NET 4.0, and to Genesis Edition.

Multi-Tenant Support

Multi-Tenant support allows the inclusion of multiple AgilePoint databases, user directories and user databases from a single AgilePoint Server instance. This is especially useful for in-house private cloud environments within an organization. Each tenant (organization, region, department, etc.) can be synchronized with its own instance of LDAP directory and SharePoint, as well as user databases. Multi-Tenant support in private clouds enhances resource utilization and simplifies on-going maintenance while providing additional security for users and data. Multi-Tenant support is also often used to simplify departmental, regional and language localizations.

Salesforce Chatter Support

Salesforce Chatter integration adds the ability to utilize Chatter message streams directly in a process application without any programming. New drag-and-drop shapes include: Comment Chatter Feed posts a comment to a specified thread in a Chatter feed; Post Feed to Chatter User – posts a specified Chatter feed to a Chatter user; Post Feed to Chatter Group – posts a Chatter feed to a specified group; Send or Reply Chatter Message – sends a private message in Chatter; Create Chatter Group creates a new group in your Chatter network; Delete Chatter Group removes a specified group from your Chatter network; Join Chatter Group – adds users to a group in your Chatter network; Update User Profile modifies the description of a Chatter network user.

Microsoft Technology Support

AgilePoints newest release now supports the latest Microsoft technology platform releases including support for Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2, support for Microsoft SQL Server 2014, support for Microsoft Windows 8.1 and support for Internet Explorer 11. It also provides expanded support for Google Chrome.

Additional New Features

The AgilePoint Clustered Server Performance Monitor now enables testing, monitoring, and troubleshooting AgilePoint Server performance in an environment with multiple AgilePoint Server instances and clustered AgilePoint Server machines. Concurrent User licenses now support reserved user seats thus extending guaranteed performance controls to the highly cost-effective concurrent user model. Finally, AgilePoint BPMS now supports multiple AgilePoint licenses for a single component on one machine thus eliminating all hardware-to-license dependencies and in a Multi-Tenant environment, licenses can be pre-activated, rather than using the post-installation license activation process to ease set-up and administration of Multi-Tenant environments.

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About AgilePoint

AgilePoint is the leading provider of Microsoft-based Business Process Management (BPM) software products, has 1,300+ on-premise and cloud deployments in 25+ countries and provides the same advanced BPM feature set as J2EE vendors like IBM and Appian in the Microsoft .NET native environment. AgilePoint customers use Microsoft tools they are already familiar with like Visio, SharePoint, Excel and Word to build both mission-critical and everyday process applications in half the time of other BPM products while modernizing their Microsoft experience and maximizing ROI for their complete Microsoft stack. AgilePoint products are providing the power of process automation applications to manufacturing, energy, financial, insurance, healthcare, government and many other types of organizations.

Contact Information:

Eric Joseph, Marketing Manager

AgilePoint Inc.

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