Aha Amplifier Releases Books to Amplify Messages for CBS’ Live Experiences Civil Rights, 50 Years Later and the Upcoming Movie The Hundred-Foot Journey

Cupertino, California (PRWEB) July 31, 2014

How can companies, brands, causes, products, and movies rise above the noise of media messages that bombard people daily?

THiNKaha CEO and Thought Leader Architect Mitchell Levy believes that the answer is in moving people through what he named the Thought Leadership Funnel, where people can enter at any stage. The goal is to mobilize people to become advocates of a product, service, or brand. Critical in helping people become advocates is to engage people through compelling content.

Toward that end, Mitchell and his company are creating compelling content to draw in advocates for major media to fuel the social media buzz of their offerings, CBS Live Experiences Civil Rights, 50 Years Later and the upcoming movie The Hundred-Foot Journey.

THiNKaha recently released two new books on the Aha Amplifier to help promote and amplify messages. Compiled by THiNKaha editors, the civil rights Aha Amplifier book, 50 Years Later: Civil Rights, contains 140 Aha moments from personalities that CBS News have interviewed. You can find and share quotes from noted figures in the arts, business and politics. The book is available at no charge at http://bit.ly/CivilRights-Aha01.

The second Aha Amplifier title, compiled by Kare Anderson and Mitchell Levy, highlights moments from the upcoming movie, The Hundred-Foot Journey (August 8). The movie, a delight to book lovers and foodies, is about life’s challenges, teaching us to be strong while paying attention to the things that are important to us: family, love, and career. The Aha Amplifier title has 140 twitter-sized quotes that can be shared on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn. It pulls quotes from the movie, from the best-selling book with the same title and from the movies actors and producer, reflecting the core messages of the movie. This is a great way for fans of the movie to share their excitement with their networks, creating more interest and buzz for the movie. The book is free and available at http://bit.ly/100FootJourney-Aha01. Along with the Aha Amplifier title,, the microsite featuring graphics and quotes from and about the movie http://100footjourney.ahaamplifier.com/

An Aha Amplifier account is free of charge. Check out these and other titles on the Aha Amplifier today.

About the Aha Amplifier (http://www.AhaAmplifier.com):

The Aha Amplifier is a new way to read, write and grow by sharing good compelling content in short bite-sized bursts on your favorite social media. Books in the Aha Amplifier are comprised of 140 quotes (Ahas). Each aha is sharable via Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google+, so you can easily share an important idea or statement with thousands (if not millions) of people. Upon signing up for an account, you get a handful of books for free and have tens of additional books that you can also unlock for no cost. After that, books cost $ 1.99 a piece.

About Weaving Influence: Weaving Influence is a full service publicity and social media marketing firm focused on helping clients build online influence and buzz for their work. Weaving Influence partnered with THiNKAha in curating tweets for the 100 Foot Journey Aha Amplifier title and in producing the movie promotion microsite at http://100footjourney.ahaamplifier.com/

About THiNKaha (http://www.thinkaha.com):

THiNKaha makes it easy to create compelling content that helps to turn corporate experts into recognized thought leaders. THiNKaha services include the Aha Amplifier, thought leadership interviews via Google Hangouts, creating content portals, book publishing, webinar publishing, social media, traditional media coaching and vetted referrals, thought leadership mentoring/coaching, and many other thought leadership services, including the creation and support of corporations thought leadership blueprints.

To have them help your corporation amplify its thought leadership, please contact Jenilee Maniti at jenilee.maniti@thinkaha.com or at (408) 257-3000.

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