AHosting Comments On Recent Google SSL Misconfiguration Warning

Hudson, FL (PRWEB) March 23, 2015

AHosting, a leading provider of specialized CMS and FFmpeg hosting, has responded to Googles revelation that 80% of websites have misconfigured SSL implementations by warning hosting clients that they risk missing out on search engine traffic if they dont properly configure their sites for SSL.

In a post published earlier this month on Google Plus, Google Webmaster Trends Analyst Gary Illyes revealed that 80% of HTTPS URLs that were eligible for entry in Googles search index were not included because the search engine companys crawlers could not locate the pages. When webmasters begin to provide SSL, many neglect to properly configure their sitemaps and canonical links to include the SSL pages, which significantly reduces the chance of Google finding them.

SSL implementation has become a hot topic of late, with Google using SSL as a ranking signal and heightened concern for user privacy.

As sites begin to serve pages over SSL, its important that they fully implement the recommended modifications to ensure they benefit as much as possible from search engine traffic, warns Daniel Page, Director of Business Development at AHosting, Inc., Google considers secure SSL connections a ranking signal, but if their crawlers cant find the HTTPS pages, sites lose any potential ranking advantage conferred by using SSL.

Because of the ranking advantage and the way recent attention has been focused on security and privacy, AHosting expects that many content management system users will begin to implement SSL. Its a positive move that will result in a safer web for users, but unless webmasters make the effort to fully configure their sites, users wont be able to find a sites secured pages through search engines and site owners will miss out on the SEO benefits.

AHosting, a retailer of SSL certificates, recommends that users who intend to implement SSL on their site make themselves aware of the potential consequences for search engine optimization and use Googles How To Migrate To SSL Document for guidance.

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