AI vs. AI. Two chatbots talking to each other

Are you a Robot or a Unicorn? Let the world know: What happens when you let two bots have a conversation? We certainly never expected this… (More: By Igor Labutov, Jason Yosinski, and Hod Lipson of the Cornell Creative Machines Lab ( If you liked this, check out our site for evolving your own 3D shapes:

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20 Responses to AI vs. AI. Two chatbots talking to each other

  1. Spyflu says:

    This is hilarious. X)

  2. eviltwincousin says:

    Lol. Love the indian accent.

  3. Zachary Metcalf says:

    “I am not a robot.I am a unicorn” xD

  4. Jason Lewis says:

    This is how the cylons were created

  5. CyberSword10 says:

    It isn’t an AI so-to-speak (an AI is self-aware, Cleverbot just relays messages.

  6. TabascoZach1 says:

    The pinnacle of modern AI.

  7. jonatan007lbp says:


  8. Jack Jackerson says:

    what point is clever bot XD… it should be a unicorn

  9. Sera Jean says:

    haha you say it ot …….. ?

  10. Constacis777 says:

    Cleverbot, you are so random.

  11. MrMatthewpanda says:

    Was that free will? Did he just lie? Tthe robot are getting smarter.

  12. ikillstupidcomments says:

    Please don’t. The sooner that hack in out on the street looking for a real job the better.

  13. Eric Grieco says:

    vsauce brought me here

  14. cuddly1clare says:

    Half the forums on the Internet do that too lol

  15. Bender711 says:

    I think this would work better with two different chat bots.

  16. mizike06 says:

    Not even human yet and already starting an argument..

  17. katieadorable4436 says:

    *bats eyelashes* Such a flirt…Your insults are /SOOO/ attractive~ Psh, yeah right.

  18. kingtorm2 says:

    This actually scares me, like a peak of future. What if two AI who are not programmed with humor start talking, what would that turn into? I just find this unsettling.

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