AICTE engaged Oracle Partner L&T Infotech to build an e-governance system

AICTE engaged L&T Infotech to design, build, and manage the implementation of the e-governance system. Beginning in November 2009, L&T Infotech developed the portal and configured it with more than 20 screens to capture faculty, student, course, and payment data. The portal was also integrated with the payment gateway and the e-mail, text messaging, and interactive voice response and telephone systems. L&T Infotech also redesigned the AICTE Web site with links to the e-governance applications, and it implemented Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition to provide AICTE with reporting and analytics capabilities. In addition, the systems integrator provided a helpdesk service to respond to user queries via e-mail, the Web, and phone. The e-governance system was completed in six weeks, enabling AICTE to go live in January 2010 and enjoy the benefits of greater efficiency and more vigilant governance.

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