AINI – Artificial Intelligent Natural-language Identity

AINI Web Robot aims to reduce customer reliance using artificial intelligence (AI) to provide better answers.
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5 thoughts on “AINI – Artificial Intelligent Natural-language Identity

  1. i think the easiest way for it to learn things is “factually” (eg. thing found in textbooks) via internet, so medical or scientific problems would be able to be solved quickley using a percentage guess thing, (say, 70% of the time without religous or greed views put on it, people will call that a car, i will refer to that as car) but the hardest thing will be human psycology, (emotions) and physics and limits (i can jum there with this amount of force in that direction.)

  2. the most fundamental part of this is self-learning: the AI entity should be able to learn about itself and develop an artificial conciseness. that is the hardest step in the AI field in my opinion

  3. Using information from the domain logic base = pre built commands and responses. Anything that has enough of these commands & responses will seem real but at the core level obviously lacks the ability to learn. This technology will be great for visual expert systems but not as a near human intelligence example.

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