AJ McCarron and Girlfriend Share Monday Night Spotlight; Entertainment and Sports News Website Video Inside Shares the Details

Tuscaloosa, AL (PRWEB) January 09, 2013

Monday night proved great for AJ McCarron. Based on a report from yahoo.com, the quarterback, with his Alabama teammates, beat Notre Dame. However, Video Inside shared that he wasn’t the only one who shined in the night. It said that his girlfriend shared the spotlight.

Based on a post from yahoo.com, AJ McCarron and his team beat Notre Dame at 42-14. That being his second consecutive championship, it made his popularity surge in the football world.

However, football fan’s attention was not entirely on McCarron. As shared by the post, ESPN kept on flashing his girlfriend, Miss Alabama Katherine Webb. With that and a described awkward comment from Brent Musburger, it was said that she rose to fame quick.

As shared by the report, overnight, Webb’s twitter follower jumped to 96,000 from 2, 300. That’s more than McCarron’s 87, 000 followers, it said. And during the game, the report also related that her phone died because of the many texts and emails she received.

Here’s an excerpt from the post AJ McCarron and Girlfriend Shined on Monday Night by Video Inside.

On Monday, college footballer and quarterback star of Alabama AJ McCarron won his second championship title. However, the night wasn’t all just about him. His now-a-celebrity girlfriend shared the spotlight.

Though not yet in NFL, QB AJ McCarron has surely established a name in the football world after his Alabam team beat Notre Dame in Sun Life Stadium. But during the entire game, noticeably, ESPN kept flashing to Miss Alabama Katherine Webb, who happens to be McCarron’s girlfriend. And with a boost of a rather awkward comment from commentator Brent Musburger, she soared to the trending ranking.

As said by the entertainment and sports news website videoinside.org, with two consecutive championships bagged, AJ McCarron was surely making a name for himself. However, he wasn’t the only one doing it. The site commented that, in a way, his girlfriend Katherine Webb was also doing the same. And with that said, it additionally commented that McCarron and Webb were the new couple for celebrity fans to follow.

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