Ajax Union Now Offers Small Business Internet Marketing Tips from the Experts

New York, NY (PRWEB) January 18, 2013

New York-based internet marketing agency Ajax Union is sharing their expertise in all things marketing and search engine optimization (SEO). The companys webpage, available at http://www.AjaxUnion.com, features a Resources page which offers tips and support for small businesses owners interested in learning more about online marketing, advertising, and optimization. This page and its accompanying resources are open to anyone interested and offer invaluable information about small business internet marketing in the 21st century.

As weve grown as a team and as a company, weve learned a lot about how to market a small business online, and were still learning every day. We want to share the knowledge weve accrued throughout the years to help small businesses understand and take advantage of the ways a company gets noticed online, everything from the word choice used on a webpage to the overarching page design and comprehensive marketing strategy. We all benefit when were working together toward a common goal, and at Ajax Union, we want the same thing small business owners want: to promote success and grow together, said Zevi Friedman, President of Ajax Union.

Among the information found on Ajax Unions site is a guide on how to optimize a website to make the best impression on a search engine like Google. Each page of an average small business web page is analyzed, from the home page to the product pages to the categories and checkout process of an online store. In each, individual elements are isolated and explained with detailed information on how to make the site more attractive and easier to use for a customer as well as appearing more important to a search engine.

Theres also a complete guide to checking a sites search engine optimization once those techniques are implemented. Using this guide, a business owner can identify whether or not their site is being indexed properly by search engines, whether the hypertext markup language (HTML) is being utilized, and whether the content is advantageous for search users. Finally, there is an online marketing glossary, instructional video, and numerous links to SEO articles and sites, all of which are valuable resources to small business owners, whether theyre experienced in search engine marketing or new to the concept entirely.

To find out more about Ajax Union and online marketing, visit it online or call 1-800-594-0444.

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