Ajax Union Unveils New Tips on How to Choose Keywords for Local Internet Marketing Campaigns

New York, NY (PRWEB) May 24, 2013

Ajax Union, an internet marketing company, is now outlining how companies can choose search terms for their marketing campaigns, including onsite and offsite content. The SEO company offers an array of tips and highlights its complimentary keyword research software RankZen, available at http://www.RankZen.com, as an ideal resource.

Keywords are the starting point of every local internet marketing tactic, from Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads to blogging, and are also the biggest factor in determining whether SEO efforts will be successful. Keywords with low search volumes wont do much to increase traffic and while irrelevant keywords may bring more visitors to the site, they are unlikely to result in conversions. At Ajax Union, we do extensive research to help each of our clients find easy to rank for keywords that will bring in a large number of potential clients. Were explaining the process we use and highlighting the benefits of RankZen and other keyword research software so that small businesses can take advantage of our expertise to improve their SEO efforts and strengthen their online presence, said Matt Sieracki, Onsite SEO Manager at the Ajax Union.

According to Ajax Union, the first step in choosing a keyword is finding search terms that are relevant to the company. An easy way to do this is via the Discover a Domain box on RankZen, which will highlight any organic keywords the company is currently ranking for. Businesses can also use the keyword research software to see keywords for their competitors domains. Products sold, services offered, or the business name can also be used as a starting point when choosing keywords.

Once the basic list of keywords has been compiled, companies can use the Google AdWords Keyword Tool to find similar search terms and to track the competition and search volume for each keyword. Ajax Union recommends choosing keywords with medium-level search volume and relatively low competition, as those are typically easier and less costly to rank for. In addition, the company suggests adding modifiers whenever possible, such as SEO company New York instead of the broader SEO, as longer and more specific search terms typically have less competition and will bring in more relevant results.

Keywords are integral to any local internet marketing effort, including PPC, press releases, blogging, social media outreach, and onsite content. Ajax Union is dedicated to helping small businesses strengthen their online presence and offers affordable plans and complimentary evaluations for all of the above so that companies have the resources they need to meet their internet marketing goals. The company also hosts webinars, publishes eBooks, and posts SEO tips and tricks on its social media profiles, including Facebook and Twitter, so that small business owners can educate themselves about all things related to internet marketing.

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