Alcotox, Top-Selling Alcohol Hangover Supplement, Launched in Ireland

Dublin, Ireland (PRWEB) November 03, 2013

According to charity Alcohol Action Ireland, Irish adults binge drink more than adults in any other European country, with one quarter reporting that they binge drink every week.

A march 2007 Euro barometer report by the European Commission titled “Attitudes towards alcohol”

states “At the top of the country scale is, by a considerable margin, Ireland. Here 36%

claimed to drink 3-4 drinks on one occasion, and further 34% 5 or more” -

Alcotox is a patent pending dietary supplement that addresses some of the health aspects of alcohol consumption. It is composed of a specific blend of amino acids and vitamins. designed to target, scavenge and neutralise Acetaldehyde, the toxin that is produced by the liver when alcohol is consumed.

Acetaldehyde is 30 times more toxic than alcohol itself. A Google search of Acetaldehyde shows that almost all alcohol related health issues, including hangovers can be traced back to Acetaldehyde. In Vitro laboratory tests of Alcotox show a staggering 86% reduction of Acetaldehyde in common alcoholic beverages. Alcotox does not affect the pharmacology of alcohol, only its toxicity, so it is still possible to become intoxicated.

Current research confirms that hangover symptoms are caused by the aftereffects of Acetaldehyde on the central nervous system. If you have a hangover, its already too late as the damage has already been done. Most available hangover remedies are often aspirin and caffeine based and simply mask the symptoms of a hangover but do not address the underlying cause. In fact they add to the toxic load of an already overburdened liver.

By neutralising Acetaldehyde at it source, Alcotox can actually prevent or significantly reduces the symptoms of a hangover, in real time. While this is a desirable effect, the greater health benefits of reducing Acetaldehyde cannot be underestimated. This feature of Alcotox acts as a barometer for overall health and wellbeing.

Alcotox also supports and encourages responsible drinking. It is not an excuse to consume more alcohol, any more than insulin is an excuse to consume more sugar. Research shows that even a half glass of wine exerts a powerful effect on the body, especially the liver. Therefore Alcotox can benefit all consumers of alcohol and not just heavy drinkers. In fact, the vast majority of hangovers are actually suffered by light to moderate drinkers.

Dr. Ambreen Irfan, head of PGR Radiology at Mayo Hospital notes “Alcotox may revolutionise the concept of alcohol induced complications, as it promotes the degradation of the perpetrator behind the damage; Acetaldehyde. The future may see Alcotox as a routine supplement for people who consume alcohol, and may prove to be their saviour.”

Alcotox is available for distribution in Ireland via Uniphar and retails at the Life Pharmacy Chain, “We are very pleased to be the first pharmacy group in Ireland to be stocking Alcotox, with the benefits it can bring to all our customers,” said Paul Spiller, Life Pharmacy Group Franchise Manager.

Alcotox is also available for sale online at

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