Alibaba IPO could make Yahoo activist bait: Pro

Alibaba IPO could make Yahoo activist bait: Pro
Yahoo's payday on the back of Alibaba's IPO makes it attractive to a potential activist investor, Ritholtz Wealth Management CEO Josh Brown said Friday. Yahoo holds a 24 percent stake in the Chinese e-commerce company, which raised almost $ 22 billion …
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Yahoo Seen Relying on Alibaba Even as IPO Sales Begin
“Usually, one firm buys another and they merge or something like that — but in this particular case Yahoo was acting a little bit more like a partner or a venture capital firm.” Jay Ritter, a professor of finance at the University of Florida, expects …
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Yahoo's Core Business Value Cut in Half to .8 Billion After Alibaba IPO
Yahoo made about $ 5.1 billion in cash, net of taxes, from the sale of shares in the Alibaba IPO. Its remaining stake is valued at about $ 23.4 billion, presuming it will be taxed at the full capital-gains rate of 38%. Add that to a stake in Yahoo Japan …
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