Aliens AREA 51 UFOs. Area51 Alien UFO Videos.

Aliens AREA 51 UFOs. Area51 Alien UFO Videos.

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  1. Moon Info… “PENETRATION – by Ingo Swann”… “I saw some kind of people busy at work on something I could not figure out. The place was dark. The “air” was filled with a fine dust, and there was some kind of illumination – like a dark lime-green fog or mist.” “There were “nets” over craters, “houses” in which someone obviously lived, except that I couldn’t see who”

  2. WOW!!! Moon Bases… “PENETRATION – by Ingo Swann”… “I found bridges whose function I couldn’t figure out. One of them just arched out – and never landed anywhere. There were a lot of domes of various sizes, round things, things like small saucers with windows. These were stored next to crater sides, sometimes in caves, sometimes in what looked like airfield hangars. “Holes being dug into crater walls and floors obviously having to do with some kind of mining or earth-moving operations.”

  3. EVERYONE !!! please study … “The Zeitgeist Movement” … & … “WantToKnow . info” … & … “Decide Whether We Should Show Up” … & … “(Official Trailer) THRIVE: What On Earth Will It Take?”

  4. If an Alien Women Looked Like that, Id Be surprised they look so Much like our Women, Very Beautiful, Nice Boobs 😛 Haha. But Seriously Pretty, I think id definately Marry an Alien Women if they looked like that. 🙂 . You Aliens are Messing with us, You purposely put a Sexy Alien Girl showing cleavage. Haha 😉

  5. If ET’s looks like that so far I would have many girl friends of them or else mary one gorgeous one so hot like that, why not? certainly ask for their friendship & would end kissing her at the end hahaha thats for sure

  6. what fricken stupid does the gov. think we are? and i think area 51 is trying to hide whale we get the crap blown out of us by aliens warfare and after the that there will be a new world order….scary stuff

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