Aliens: Colonial Marines Angry Review

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19 thoughts on “Aliens: Colonial Marines Angry Review

  1. here, here. I second your opinion. As much as it pains me, I want to see another AVP2 for the PC, but a longer storyline, or perhaps something that involves a bit more thinking. I miss the 3 way story path of each race you play that tells a single complete story from their perspective. Also, there’s nothing quite like stalking the vents as a face hugger to find just the right prey.

  2. 3rd time I’ve watched this now, subject matter aside it’s actually one of Joes best episodes. Passion and honesty. His genuine sorrow is almost poetic and we share it… FUCK why did they have to screw it up???

  3. I’m just amazed at how bad the final game is compared to all the demos. The final game looks, graphically, so much worse than the demos (seriously! Surely they could get sued for that, or something at least?) I have no idea how Gearbox thought they could get away with it and I am so unbelievably disappointed. It’s one thing to make a bad aliens game, but its another thing entirely to use a bullshit made-up amazing aliens game to hide the fact that your actual game is terrible. I want to cry.

  4. Thanks to consoles, the variety of games, and therefore, innovation has stagnated.  Thats why there is a “continual decrease” in exclusives There are less games overall.

  5. He probably has both platforms of the game to know what he’s talking about, he mentions the bads of both. Not everything you see here is being played by him too.

  6. You are sooooooooo………sooooooooooo….right. The guys that made THIS NEED TO BE TAKED OUT AND SHOOT or feed to the Aliens. All I can say is go back to the and make in again. How about this…. The Marines crash on to a world unknow ( to them ) its the home world of the Aliens! LET Loose the Aliens!!!

  7. I dont undertand the developers. Why they act like its the first time ever that a videogame adaptation of Alien lets you use the Smartgun? That shit was done in Aliens vs. Predator 2 (2001; PC, Apple Macintosh) — First-Person Shooter developed by Monolith Productions. Hell, even a 2D Action Platformer in 1996 named “Abuse” does the Alien thing better: watch?v=PMFUOUz2TZw Oh, and guess the plot? contaminated water that transforms you into Mutant (Xenomorphs), Prometheus much?

  8. well they slightly fixed mass effect 3 with free dlc and with rumours of som dlc containig stories such as campaigns so that may be fixed. And ai can be fixed through free updates. Maybeitll be o just as long as with sequels and dlc they stay the hell away from CALL OF DUTIES!!!!

  9. what is the real crime in this game si they got rid of the brothers in arms gameplay…for the colonial marines tactical gameplay would have been amazing but no they turned it into cod for an easy buck

  10. Oh right. Since Joe was so excited about the game before he has no right to be disappointed about the final product. The right thing to do was to like the game despite the fact it is tremendously bad. Seriously, there’s nothing wrong with being excited about an upcoming game and then hating it when it finally comes out and it turns out it’s terrible.

  11. multiplayer is fkn average tho, the aliens walk walk is clunky and awful it seems to be lacking in animations and you cant even climb on half of the surfaces. IMO AVP 2010 had a far superior multiplayer ( would of been best if it had tracker inetead of hud but w/e)

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