Alive Studios is Helping School Districts Save $10,000 per Student with Innovative Technology

Students using Letter alive

Alive Studios has embraced a mission to equip teachers with tools that help students become proficient in reading and math by third grade. It is the lack of proficiency in these areas that results in Americas young learners being held back in earlier grades. According to the latest research, holding back one student in the U.S. can cost a School District an average of $ 10,297.

The software were demoing at ISTE is enabling more kids to become proficient in literacy, which has a direct impact on reducing retention rates and preventing school districts from the associated expenses, stated Cynthia B. Kaye, CEO and Chief Zoo Keeper of Alive Studios. Nationally, the majority of students being held back are in Kindergarten and First Grade with reading proficiency being cited as the number one measurement.

Determining the root issues that contribute to illiteracy is key for solution providers, Kaye added. Three major contributors to the shortcomings in students reading proficiencies include: 1. Lack of student engagement in the activities and lessons presented in the selected curriculum; 2. Absence of key teaching modalities within curriculums aimed at communicating with students who have various learning styles and skills; and 3. Presenting the curriculum using systematic phonics.

Our software learning kit, Letters alive, was developed with the help of Reading Specialists and addresses each of these contributors head-on, stated Kaye.

Letters alive uses Augmented Reality, a type of 3D technology that adds virtual reality components to a real world experience. Independent studies have been conducted by the University of West Georgia studying the effects of using Letters alive to teach early literacy. The study proved an increase in engagement and an improvement in students retention of information, which can yield literacy proficiency and reduce the likelihood of being held back a grade. The cost to add Letters alive across a school district is far less than the cost of retaining one child per classroom at the nationwide average of $ 10,297.

Company Information

Alive Studios provides supplemental reading and math solutions for PreK-3. They are the world’s first company to develop an Augmented Reality curriculum for early education. For more information on Alive Studios full suite of educational products, please visit their website at

ISTE 2015 Information

The International Society of Technology in Education (ISTE) is holding its 2015 Expo in Philadelphia, PA June 28 – July 1, 2015. Alive Studios will be exhibiting in Booth 1265.

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