All In One Seo Pack Plugin Tutorial

All in One SEO Pack Plugin Tutorial! Not sure how to use All in One SEO Pack plugin for your WordPress posts and pages? This little guide by http://instantic…

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4 Responses to All In One Seo Pack Plugin Tutorial

  1. Adam Carey says:

    Do you know if there is a limit of how many keywords you can use? I was told that if I used too many Google will ignore my site in search engines…

  2. John b says:

    Your title is misleading. You should rename it to meta data for titles. Thumbs Down!

  3. Aliya Janson says:

    Hello! I’m having some trouble customizing my individual page descriptions. For some reason Google is only displaying the description on the homepage plugin, and want to customize the description per page – so that the description on each specific page shows up in the search engine results. Seems like the homepage description overrides the individual page description in the google results. Any help is great appreciated!!

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