All-time favorites [all about Steve]

Steve’s favorite expressions, including Un-be-lievable, Wouldn’t it be great, and many more…

12 thoughts on “All-time favorites [all about Steve]

  1. This vid is pretty cool But, It kinda make me..I don’t know the word but it lefts away some of that amazement I get when watching a Steve Jobs presentation; it makes him sounds…like a student with not so many dictions. I hate the feeling.

  2. RIP Steve, you can’t use your famous “we mere mortals” anymore cause now you’ve left and become immortal in the hearts of millions. Thanks for everything.

  3. They say your life flashes before your eyes just before you die. Unfortunately for Steve Jobs, he hadn’t got a Flash player installed Boy, Samsung and HTC have some stiff competition now : D also how much does holly cost? 6 million XD

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