All-time favorites [all about Steve]

Steve’s favorite expressions, including Un-be-lievable, Wouldn’t it be great, and many more…

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12 Responses to All-time favorites [all about Steve]

  1. igotdatfosho says:

    I think you forgot one more thing.

  2. trc0o0az says:

    Sorry for the many lang mistakes here

  3. trc0o0az says:

    This vid is pretty cool But, It kinda make me..I don’t know the word but it lefts away some of that amazement I get when watching a Steve Jobs presentation; it makes him sounds…like a student with not so many dictions. I hate the feeling.

  4. roguetrooper815 says:

    You can actually achieve this with ANYONE who’s given numerous public speeches over many years. Its inevitable they will use the same word more than once!

  5. HenneyToh says:

    “these things are really thin”

  6. kevinperry12344 says:

    such a nice video..keep up the great work!

  7. Jason Huang says:

    RIP Steve, you can’t use your famous “we mere mortals” anymore cause now you’ve left and become immortal in the hearts of millions. Thanks for everything.

  8. ilovebellaluna says:

    I’ve grown up using Apple products. I hope that Apple continues his unbelievable and very cool work. He was not a mere mortal.

  9. cancerbotX says:

    They say your life flashes before your eyes just before you die. Unfortunately for Steve Jobs, he hadn’t got a Flash player installed Boy, Samsung and HTC have some stiff competition now : D also how much does holly cost? 6 million XD

  10. Anonomys246 says:

    RIP :”( You were and always will be the best.

  11. MrJordiChannel says:


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