Allegiancy’s LLC Exclusive Interview for the Interlinked Investment News Channel on InterlinkedTV

(PRWEB) September 18, 2013

Allegiancy’s Managing Director, Steve Sadler, granted Interlinked an exclusive interview for the FSXinterlinked channel on InterlinkedTV.

Allegiancy, LLC, a fee based asset manager specializing in the alternative asset of commercial office buildings, was one of the presenting companies interviewed for InterlinkedTV at the recent FSXinterlinked Investment Conference, held at the Ritz Carlton in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

During the video interview Mr. Sadler explained that asset management, like any other financial enterprise, is charged with overseeing the deployment of other peoples money. Allegiancy specializes in commercial office buildings and their job is to take the owners perspective and deliver superior financial results. They direct leasing agents, property managers, create strategic and tactical overlay, do the quantitative analysis for the market for the tenants and then make sure that the tenants stay happy. He added, “Our focus is solely on delivering operating performance.”

Mr. Sadler stated that what they saw as an asset manager during the recession was a real bifurcation; the market separated into the quality buildings with quality ownership and management, which fared generally quite well. And then there were those places that were not that quite well managed, or perhaps under-capitalized. He added, “For us and for our clients, because we were ahead of the curve, took good care of our tenants, and kept our buildings full, cash flow continued, profits continued to flow.”

The exclusive interview was conducted by FSXinterlinked host, Michael Fugler. Mr. Fugler is a global expert and speaker on Entrepreneurship, delivering education, training, and demonstration workshops on how to go from an idea on a napkin to a stock exchange listing and all the steps in between. He has been a licensed Attorney for 40 years developing an expertise in international law and finance, international investment and merchant banking. He has also been an Investment Banker for the past 17 years establishing offices and providing extensive consulting and guidance to institutional investors throughout Europe, the USA and Asia. He is FINRA registered with Series 7, 24, 63, 79 and 99 licenses.

We are very pleased to have Michael Fugler as a contributing host for InterlinkedTV Delray Wannemacher President and CEO of Interlinked.

The full interview can be watched on the FSXinterlinked channel on InterlinkedTV and more information is available on Allegiancy’s website.

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