Allen Iverson's Legacy: A Philadelphian's Perspective

Allen Iverson's Legacy: A Philadelphian's Perspective
After meeting Iverson personally and attending numerous games at the newly named Wells Fargo Center, A.I. has always been seen to many Philadelphians as a stand-up individual. He's had his ups and downs like any player of prominence in the …
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The future of information technologies in the legal world
My first work in the field, in the 1980s, focused on artificial intelligence and its potential and limitations in the law. This began in earnest with my doctoral research at Oxford University. I was interested in the possibility of developing computer …
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Real Bionic Man for million
He even has a degree of artificial intelligence: talk to him, and he'll listen (through his cochlear implants), before using a speech generator to respond. Although, like us, he sometimes stumbles over his words, memorably describing his idol Eminem as …
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