Alliance Magnesium Granted Interlinked an Exclusive Interview During Recent FSXinterlinked Investment Conference

(PRWEB) September 23, 2013

At the recent FSXinterlinked Investment Conference, held at the Ritz Carlton in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Alliance Magnesiums President and CEO, Dr. Joel Fournier, granted an exclusive interview for the FSXinterlinked channel on InterlinkedTV.

Alliance Magnesium is a privately owned Canadian Company that has developed a patented electrolysis clean tech technology for the production of magnesium metal (Mg). Alliance Magnesium intends to benefit from the increasing demand for metallic magnesium (Mg) and alloys, especially from the automotive and aeronautic industries. These industries face significant challenges in terms of reducing the weight of vehicles and equipment controlled by mandatory goals to reduce the production of greenhouse gases. Alliance Magnesium intends to produce a sustainable material, using hydroelectricity as a clean energy source and recovering metal from tailings, returning very little residue or effluents at the end of the process.

During the interview Mr. Fournier explained that magnesium is a commodity. He elaborated that it is a metal that has many applications, for example in the automotive industry, adding that magnesium is not a pure commodity, but a specialty metal. Adding that Alliance currently has a source for magnesium and will start making it in the future. Mr, Fournier stated “We have developed a new process to develop this metal at very low cost and are looking to start our first production facility in Quebec.”

The interview was conducted by FSXinterlinked host, Michael Fugler, and is available on the FSXinterlinked channel on InterlinkedTV.

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