allies4me, Austin-based Digital and Internet Marketing Agency, Blows Holes in Social Media Conventional Wisdom at Austins Open Source of Conferences

Austin, TX (PRWEB) July 23, 2014

At the last ProductCamp Austin, Craig Andrews presentation on social media not only got on the schedule, but packed the house. Since ProductCamp Austin is an un-conference, where proposed sessions are voted on by participants and only the most popular sessions get on the event schedule, Andrews considered this a success in its own right. But he was particularly pleased when 100% of his audience stayed until the end and a long line formed to ask questions afterward.

What was the draw? Andrews was saying something about social media rarely heard in the industry: that the data, not feelings or buzzwords, should dictate how a company uses social media in its marketing mix.

Part of what makes Austin a great place to do business are things like ProductCamp, said Andrews. Its like the open source of conferences. Its a free forum where experts in their fields come together for the betterment of the industry in Austin.

Andrews Austin-based internet marketing agency allies4me has received several calls and referrals based on his talk at the last ProductCamp, and has begun working with new, high-profile clients in the city who are attracted to his data-focused approach.

At the upcoming ProductCamp Austin 13 on August 2, Andrews will again be talking about social medias place in the marketing mix, citing new data and information hes gathered since the last one. Some highlights from his proposed session include:

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